Make Sure Your Pipelines Are in Tip-Top Shape!


Make sure your pipelines are in tip-top shape with the help of pipeline video inspection services from our team at Fitz’s Plumbing Repair! We want to help ensure the integrity of your piping and reduce any chances of property damage. Our plumbing experts can perform a complete evaluation of your piping system with our high-tech video system that will show us things we couldn’t see without getting invasive. Our video pipe inspections help us to pinpoint the source of any problems, such as breaks, cracks, sags and more.

Our plumbing service experts will get the job done correctly, the first time. Don’t let other companies misdiagnose your problem and cost you an unnecessary amount of money.

We never base our work off of guessing or estimating, but rather, off of facts and trusted experience.

Water leak detection and clog removal


If you’ve noticed that your water bill is getting bigger, but you’re not sure why, you may have a hidden leak on your hands. Or maybe you hear running water when there’s no water on, or have noticed mold, mildew, or bug activity where there was none before. No matter why you may suspect you have a leak that you can’t find, our experts at OSP Plumbing can help you get to the bottom of the issue. We can handle leak detection in any room of your house, and we are happy to provide leak inspections and options for you as well.


Do You See, Hear, Or Smell A Leak?

A leak could be coming from many places within your home, and you’ll likely need a professional plumber to determine exactly where it is. Whether you see, hear, or smell evidence, a leak is a serious problem that can cause expensive and possibly health-hazardous damage. Some signs of a leak include:

  • Increased Water Bill
  • Mold Or Mildew Where There Was None Before
  • The Sound Of Running Water When There Shouldn’t Be
  • Water Pump Or Meter Changes
  • Cracks In Your Flooring Or Walls
  • More Bugs Than Normal (Attracted To Moisture)
  • Wet, Discolored, Or Hot Spots On Floor Or Walls
  • Any of these things indicate a leak. If you’re experiencing one of them, please contact us at OSP Plumbing.
  • What Kind Of Damage Can A Leak Cause?

Clogged Drain Repair From The Root Of The Problem

The best way to clear your clogged pipe will depend on what’s clogging it. For instance, a lodged toy or too much toilet paper can usually be removed with a snake—however, if you have years and years of sludge or invading tree roots, you may want to consider hydro jet drain cleaning.

This is where having a professional plumber will help. An expert will know exactly the best method to fix the problem permanently, whether it’s a classic snake or drain jetting. If you try to fix the problem yourself without much experience, you risk missing what the bigger problem is, or even making it worse.

  • Hair
  • Grease
  • Too Much Paper
  • Trees & Leaves
  • Foreign Objects
  • Baby Items

Besides increasing your water bill and wasting water—which is an extremely valuable resource—an unattended leak can create major problems to your property. A rogue leak can create flooding, mold, mildew, bug invasions, erosion of soil, and plenty of other issues. To avoid these damages, it’s important to contact a plumbing professional as soon as you notice a problem. Waiting too long can result in more expensive or unhealthy situations for you and your family.

Your property and health is important. Leaks can lead to big problems for both, but you don’t have to worry. Our leak detection specialist will come to your South Louisiana home or building, and we will find the root of your leak quickly and with the least amount of damage possible. We pride ourselves on being thorough, careful, and helpful. If you think you might have a leak but aren’t sure, please contact us at (504) 610-4666.


Common Areas For Leaks


There are some places within the home that are fairly common for leaks. These places can include:

  • Service Lines. These lines from the meter or pump to your house, and normally runs under the yard, driveway, or other exterior areas.
  • Under Slabs. A “slab leak” happens when a pipe underneath your concrete or cement breaks, cracks, or bursts and results in a leak.
  • Boiler Lines. Pressure problems, cracks, damaged seals, and loose joints can all cause a leak in your boiler line.
  • Inside Walls And Floors. Leaks commonly develop in the plumbing of these areas.

No matter where your mystery leak may be, Fitz’s Plumbing Repair will perform a leak inspection and take care of it for you.